People Group

Role of the People Group

In general, the People Group teams and processes are here to provide support to our team members; helping make your life easier so that you can focus on your work and contributions to Bramble. On that note, please do not hesitate to reach out with questions!


Welcome to the People Group handbook! You should be able to find answers to most of your questions here. You can also check out pages related to People Group in the next section below. If you can not find what you are looking for please do the following:

  • The People Group holds several subprojects to organize the people group; please create an issue in the appropriate subproject or general if you’re not sure. Please use confidential issues for topics that should only be visible to Bramble team-members. Similarly, if your question can be shared please use a public issue.
    • Please note that not all People Group projects can be shared in an issue due to confidentiality. When we cannot be completely transparent, we will share what we can in the issue description, and explain why.
    • Employment Issue Tracker: Onboarding, Offboarding and Transition Issues are found in this subproject.
    • Employment Templates: Onboarding, Offboarding and Transition Issue Templates are held in this subproject, and they are owned by the People Experience Team only.
    • Chat channel; Please use the #peopleops Slack chat channel for questions that do not seem appropriate for the issue tracker.
    • For access requests regarding Google or Slack groups, please create an issue here:
    • For questions that relate to Payroll and contractor invoices please direct your question to the #payroll, #expense-reporting-inquiries
  • If you need to discuss something that is confidential/private (including sensitive matters surrounding your team), you can send an email to one/all of the founders.
  • If you only feel comfortable speaking with one team member, you can ping an individual, as listed on our Team page.
  • If you wonder who’s available and/or in what time zone specific team members of the People Group are, you can easily check via Google Calendar or the Bramble Team Page
  • If you need help with any technical items, for example, 2FA, please ask in #it-help. The channel topic explains how to create an issue. For urgent matters you can mention @it-ops-team.

People Experience Team

Responsibility Response Timeline
Onboarding 4 days prior to start date
Offboarding Immediate action for involuntary & 24 hours for voluntary

In Case of Emergency

If team members need emergency support from Bramble’s People team, please post in the #peopleops Slack channel marked URGENT. The #peopleops channel is monitored during most working hours and is the centralized support platform for all people-related queries. Please do not include any sensitive or private information in your message in the #people-connect channel.

In critical cases, the COO is contactable 24/7 via their mobile number that appears in their Slack profile.

We trust team members to always use their best judgement when facing any emergency. Team members are encouraged to dial their country’s emergency services number for any critical and/or medical emergency. In the case that other team members are aware of a team member’s emergency (during a Zoom call for example) and wish to call that country’s emergency services on the original team member’s behalf, we do not recommend this as only certain People Ops team members have access to team member addresses and we would take on the role of communicating with emergency services, should this extremely rare situation arise.

In the event a team member is in an unsafe situation due to a natural disaster, please see the Disaster Recovery Plan page.

Using Google Drive

We are a handbook first organziation and google drive should only be utilized when necessary.

When using google drive, always save team documents to the appropriate Shared_Drive.